Batman will launch a new TV spin-off called 'Gotham'.

The iconic movie and comic book franchise will make a jump to the small screen next year as TV channel Fox has ordered a new series focusing on police commissioner James Gordon, most recently played by Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan's smash hit 'The Dark Knight' trilogy.

The TV show has received a commitment for a full season, which is usually between 13 to 22 episodes.

'Gotham' will serve as a prequel to the classic Batman tale and will see Gordon come face to face with some of the criminal masterminds who gave the fictional Gotham City its reputation for being one of the crime capitals of the world.

'The Mentalist' producer Bruno Heller will executive produce the series, which is expected to debut next year.

'Gotham' comes from Warner Bros. Television, which previously produced Superman prequel series 'Smallville' and also produces Green Arrow show, 'Arrow'.

The show marks the latest comic book-themed TV drama following Marvel's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' spin-off for its 'Avengers' franchise.

Christian Bale most recently played Batman in Nolan's movies and the character will next be played by Ben Affleck in a 'Man of Steel' sequel, which will see Batman come face to face with Superman.