Batman Forever star Val Kilmer was shocked to find out his wife was divorcing him while watching news channel CNN on a trip to Ireland. The 46-year-old star was married to British actress Joanne Whalley at the time and the couple have two children, daughter MERCEDES and son JACK. When US Elle magazine asked he actor if he'd ever been dumped he replied, "Well, I was visiting Marlon Brando in Ireland, and I turned on CNN and found out my wife had filed for divorce. "She took the kids and moved to a different state. I guess that counts as being dumped." Kilmer claims the experience of going through a divorce taught him a lot adding, "You just don't understand humility until you have children and get divorced. "I was very hurt and very angry and so was she. But when kids are involved, you either become friends with respect or you become mortal enemies."