Bat For Lashes star Natasha Khan was left red-faced during a concert in Los Angeles when she accidentally showed the audience her underwear.

The British singer/songwriter was performing an energetic dance routine when her flimsy skirt caught a breeze and lifted up over her head, exposing her underpants.

Khan, who posed naked on the cover of her 2012 album The Haunted Man, insists she was mortified by the blunder but managed to continue the show as the shocked audience looked on.

She tells Mojo magazine, "The last time I was embarrassed was at a show in Los Angeles. I'd brought this really nice long black skirt but I hadn't quite come to terms with how light the fabric was. When I flung it around, it ended up over my head and the whole audience saw my pants - there was a sharp intake of breath! I carried on as if nothing had happened."