Bat For Lashes adolescence was ''soundtracked by Madonna''.

The 'Laura' singer - whose real name is Natasha Khan - was obsessed with the Queen of Pop as a teenager and admits that her music and her image switches have influenced her entire career.

Speaking to GQ, Khan said: ''Her style, sass, songs, sexuality, everything was so girlie for me ... She was inspirational and provocative and strong and pulled ideas from underground dance and gay culture. I learnt a lot from her. I watched her. I aspired to be as cool as she was in the 80s and 90s.''

The three-time Mercury Prize nominee admitted that she first realised she wanted to be a musician after watching Bjork's MTV Unplugged.

She added: ''I saw her in bare feet jumping around the stage, expressing herself like a feral animal and I thought, 'I want me some of that!' ''

London-born Khan released her fifth album 'Lost Girls' in September inspired by her new home in Los Angeles and now as a veteran of the music business she can remember when she first realised her music could move people.

The 'Kids In The Dark' singer said: ''I knew I had affected them [fans], their emotions, that they resonated and were touched by things I was touched by. It gave me a sense of connection and compassion and I thought, 'Maybe I'm not so bad at this!'

''I remember meeting a fan who had been living with acute pain and told me that she had only survived by listening to my music ... It is amazing to meet fans, but when they have a story in which my music has helped in some way, it's really beautiful.''