Bastille's Dan Smith feels like an ''imposter''.

The 'Pompeii' singer isn't worried about the group's experiments with different genres on their new album 'Doom Days' because he's ''comfortable'' with where they are musically, even though he still feels like he leads a ''double life''.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''We wanted to take the listener through different moods and moments and I think we are finally really comfortable with where we are at.

''Don't get me wrong, I still feel like an imposter and I still think we lead this double life where we go off on tour, play these shows and then go home and everything is back to normal.

''But we've never really cared about genre. It is irrelevant to us and so on our albums or our mix tapes we've done everything from pop to hip-hop to guitar music. We do whatever we want to.''

Away from Bastille, Dan has also written for the likes of Craig David, Foxes, and Tears For Fears, and was amazed by the success of 'Happier', the track he penned for Marshmello because he feels like a ''tourist'' when writing mainstream pop tracks.

He said: ''That experience with Marshmello and Craig David was so interesting because we are not pure pop and still feel like tourists in that world.

''I wrote that song with Steve Mac with Justin Bieber in mind but sent it to Marshmello. I'm not the biggest EDM fan but I liked his production on his track 'Silence'.

''It was incredibly surreal to watch 'Happier' fly up the charts in America and all over the world.''

And the frontman worried he was out of his depth when he was asked to perform with Pink at the Brit Awards earlier this year.

He said: ''I met her at rehearsals.

''I walked in and she was hanging from a trapeze with 100 dancers around her. Then I forgot all the words to the song we were singing and wanted to crawl into a hole on the floor. But she was so nice.

''It was humbling to see someone so huge who has had such an amazing career and see how kind and thoughtful she was.''