Bastille claim touring has stopped them from making new music.

The 'Pompeii' hitmakers have been unable to find time to finish recording the follow-up to their popular debut album 'Bad Blood' because they have been promoting their first record non-stop since the start of 2013.

Frontman Dan Smith told Gigwise: ''I think if we weren't touring so much we'd probably have finished the [second] album by now. I've never wanted our music to be one thing. I guess we kind of make things when we feel like it.''

The British band are hoping to shake things up on their next album and are have already recorded a series of tracks which have more of an R&B sound.

Dan teased: ''There will be some songs that'll be quite guitar heavy and dark and at the moment I've been listening to a hell of a lot of R&B so you know, there might even be some songs leaning that way.

''But hey, it's one of those things where what I think sounds like a dark rock song or, you know, like an R&B track, might to someone else just sound like a Bastille song.

''It's hard when you're so involved in it to see it from the outside. But yeah, I'm really excited about the album, I feel like the first album did way better than we expected and way better than our label expected.''