The DJ, real name Lorin Ashton, posted a lengthy essay on Facebook on Wednesday (15Jun16) detailing his health battle and assuring fans his operation this week (beg13Jun16) was a success and he's now cancer-free.

"It was extremely scary," he wrote, "because it was about an inch under my left eye and they didn't know how deep until they started trying to remove it.

"There was fear that it could have fanned out and potentially spread too close to my eye."

But the Into The Sun hitmaker is thrilled to report the cancer is "100% removed", adding there were "zero complications".

And he's now urging fans to get checked for skin damage and cancer, stating, "I'm not into partying much, and I'm not a thrill-seeker or risk taker, but one of my *FAVORITE* feelings in life is laying in the sun and feeling the warm rays soak my body... I never worried too much about getting skin cancer. I probably only hang out and sunbathe in the sunshine like 10 days a year... most of my sun exposure is just casual/daily like anyone else... I travel full time, I'm usually locked inside a dark studio. I go hiking a lot, and I go for lots of walks, but it never seemed like anything which would lead to skin cancer.

"Apparently Sun Damage is a thing - and maybe if you are reading this, it can help you avoid this for yourself or a loved one. What I have learned through this crash course of shock, panic & pandemonium is that our skin can be damaged by the sun over a long period of time, and years later an issue can arise."