Swedish singer Basshunter sealed his romance with Ronnie Wood's ex-girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova by sharing a steamy smooch on a U.K. reality show.
The hitmaker - real name Jonas Erik Altberg - and the former cocktail waitress are both competing in Celebrity Big Brother, which kicked off earlier this month (Jan10), and have been caught on camera flirting and sharing a bed together.
Ivanova, who split from the Rolling Stones rocker last month (Dec09), admitted she had a boyfriend when she entered the TV contest - but that relationship didn't keep her from kissing Altberg during a broadcast on Sunday (10Jan10).
The couple was seen kissing on the lips, before Ivanova pulled away, giggling nervously.
And Basshunter is hoping his love with Ivanova will develop once they leave the series.
He confessed to the cameras, "Me and Kat are a little bit closer to each other than the rest of the housemates. After the first day, I just felt like, 'Wow, I think I just met a soulmate.' She's so funny, always smiling. You don't meet that kind of person that often, especially not pretty and cute as well - that's a bonus!
"I feel that there's a connection between us but the only thing is I think she feels really bad that she's got a boyfriend. It's just... I like her, I like her very much. We're in here together and sometimes you have to be a little bit selfish. We're both enjoying it, so I think, 'Why not?' I'm very, very happy that I met Kat. I hope she feels the same way."