Basement Jaxx Vs Metropole Orkest Announce The Release Of A New Orchestral Project

Basement Jaxx Vs Metropole Orkest Announce The Release Of A New Orchestral Project

Atlantic Jaxx Recordings & Basement Jaxx are pleased to announce the release of a new orchestral project in collaboration with the Netherlands' Metropole Orkest and renowned London conductor and arranger, Jules Buckley.

The project features a full sixty piece orchestra along with a twenty voice choir and sees the Metropole Orkest perform classical and contemporary orchestral versions of the legendary Basement Jaxx back catalogue.

Highlights include instrumental reinterpretations of the Jaxx breakthrough tune, "Red Alert" and 2009's "Raindrops", a waltz version of "Bingo Bango", the Balkan stomper "Hey U" & the haunting ballad "Lights Go Down", sung by long time Jaxx collaborator, Sharlene Hector.

Produced and orchestrated over the last year by Jules Buckley and Basement Jaxxs' Felix Buxton and featuring many of the singers from their legendary live shows (including LA's finest, Lisa Kekaula, on "Good Luck") the album will also include an original piece, written by Felix, especially for this orchestral project.

The combination of the Metropole Orkest's cutting edge approach to orchestral interpretation, Basement Jaxx's uniquely skewed take on dance music and Jules Buckley's innovative conducting and arranging results in a remarkable soundclash - Basement Jaxx as you've never heard them before. (Who'd have imagined hearing a baroque harpsichord playing "Where's Your Head At" ?)

The album is a mixture of studio recordings and live performances culled from the first (and only) presentation of the project, in Eindhoven, in February of this year and will be released on CD and digital download to coincide with the UK premiere of the piece as part of this Summer's "Blaze" programme at London's Barbican Theatre on July 14th and 15th.

These shows will feature a full cast of guest vocalists as well as the 70-strong Metropole Orkest and the celebrated 40 voice Crouch End Festival Chorus.

Album Tracklisting:

1 Battlement Jaxx

2 Red Alert

3 Raindrops

4 Mozarts Tea Party

5 Bingo Bango

6 Hush Boy

7 Where's Your Head At

8 Good Luck

9 Drill Loops

10 Lights Go Down

11 Violin Solo

12 If I Recover

13 Hey U

14 Do Your Thing

15 Samba Magic

iTunes Special Edition tracks:

1 Lights Go Down (Instrumental)

2 Do Your Thing (Instrumental)

3 If I Ever Recover (Instrumental)