Dance act Basement Jaxx's new video has been banned from British daytime broadcast - because it features a Queen Elizabeth II lookalike groping a lapdancer.

In the promo for U DON'T KNOW ME, the 'Queen' downs alcohol, eats a greasy kebab, fights with bouncers and flees police during a wild night out in London's lively Soho area.

However, many of the scenes - which include Her Majesty brawling with a fellow female reveller in an alley - have proved too controversial for daylight hours, forcing MTV bosses to limit the video to nocturnal broadcast only.

Director MAT KIRKBY - who has edited a less offensive alternative version of the video - says, "MTV said it would never get on daytime TV because if the scene where the Queen grabs a lapdancer's bum.

"But I don't understand why. They seemed happy with her drinking and being surrounded by drug dealers."

16/05/2005 13:44