Basement Jaxx thought they were being smitten by God when making their last album.

The 'Raindrops' hitmakers - made up of DJ and producers Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe - told how they felt they were being given a message from above to after sessions for their album 'Scars' were struck by series of unfortunate events.

Felix described how he was initially warned after he was mugged for a second time on his way to the group's studio, and had his bike stolen by a group of children.

He said: "My elder sister, who's really religious, a Baptist fundamentalist, said: "It's probably God telling you that you were wrong in the first place at the wrong time and trying to guide you back onto the straight and narrow."

To make matters worse, their studio was then flooded, making for uncomfortable recording conditions.

Simon added: "It was like God saying 'You Must Leave!' On three occasions water was literally pouring down the walls, so we had to move everything out the way.

"Singers would come in and we'd have to apologise for the damp smell. We were thinking, 'God, we should be at a higher level than this.' "

Felix added: "We're headlining rock festivals around the world and we're sat in this hole."