Basement Jaxx have recorded an album of "bath-time music".

The dance duo say that as well as working on long-awaited new LP 'Scars', they have also recorded a second set of material which is radically different.

Felix Buston revealed: "There's some Pink Floyd-y, more ambient-y stuff. That's going to come out as probably a mini LP afterwards. It's for bath-time music."

'Scars' sees the 'Where's Your Head At?' hitmakers collaborate with a number of artists including Santigold and Paloma Faith and in a change from their usual processes, the duo recorded in America in order to work with Yoko Ono.

Felix added: "We went to Berlin and New York, that was just to not be in Brixton and go out into the world a bit. I wanted to record Yoko Ono. That was the reason we went out to New York, and then Yo! Majesty and Santigold fell into place along with that. There's always a few people from around the corner."