British dance stars Basement Jaxx have hinted their next album may be their final record.
The duo, which has worked with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliott, split from their record label XL after 10 years in 2009, and have continued to record and tour independently since.
Now the musicians, who started out in 1994, are considering turning their backs on the charts following the release of their next album.
Bandmember Simon Ratcliffe tells Digital Spy, "We're ready to do another Basement Jaxx album. It might be the last one, but we'll probably work together still making music for films or an opera or something.
"We'll see. I mean, I'm definitely keen on continuing with film music. I released a solo EP this year, which was me being self-indulgent - that was really nice and rewarding. I'd like to continue with some more left field stuff."
Basement Jaxx have released six albums since 1999.