Hip-hop star 50 CENT will rap with Bart Simpson in a forthcoming episode of hit cartoon The Simpsons.

NANCY CARTWRIGHT - who provides Bart Simpson's voice - adored working with the rapper but was amazed how much his "soft and timid" personality differed from the "hard, gangster" image he portrays on stage.

Cartwright says, "That was a trip. 50's going to hate me for saying this but he's a pussycat! The guy is really sweet. You should see the gold on him.

"But he was so nice to me and just really gentle. We had a lot of fun. He plays himself and Bart gets to do a rap song in it.

"It's a different one from 'Do the Bart Man'. It's very street, it's very street, if you will. Maybe I'm 50 Cents, he's 50 Cent and I'm 50 Cents."

Cartwright is currently in Britain promoting a show at Scotland's EDINBURGH FESTIVAL - based on her work on the cartoon series - called MY LIFE AS A TEN YEAR OLD BOY.

02/08/2004 17:29