Director Barry Sonnenfeld will never forget seeing Jimi Hendrix in concert as a youngster - because his mother commandeered the speaker system to order him to phone home.
The Men In Black producer got permission from his strict mum to see the late guitar legend in concert when he was a teen, but she came to check on him mid-show.
And when she failed to find her son among a crowd of almost 20,000 people, the matriarch took to the public address system - and pleaded for him to check-in.
He remembers, "I was very overprotected by my mother. April 22, 1969... At 2.20 in the morning. I was 17 years old. Hendrix is warming up... 19,600 people. And over the PA (public address) system (I hear) 'Barry Sonnenfeld, call your mother!'"