Movie star Barry Pepper fears John Travolta's huge pay cheque was the real reason Battlefield Earth flopped.

The sci-fi film, which was based on the writings of Scientology founder L RON HUBBARD, has been dubbed among the worst films ever made.

But SAVING PRIVATE RYAN star Pepper, who played JONNIE GOODBOY TYLER in the movie, insists the film would have been much better if Travolta hadn't taken such a huge fee.

He says, "It was huge but the truth is we had no money. We had $50 million (GBP27.7 million) going in and John took $20 million (GBP11.1 million).

"So, we're making a $100 million (GBP55.5 million) sci-fi epic and we had $30 million (GBP16.6 million)."

24/05/2004 09:17