LATEST: Barry Manilow is already regretting sparking a feud with the co-hosts of U.S. TV show The View - because that's all people want to talk to him about. The 64-year-old crooner, who is promoting a new album, pulled out of appearing on Tuesday's (18Sep07) programme after producers refused to agree to terms regarding which co-hosts could interview him. Manilow stated he found right-wing host Elisabeth Hasselbeck "dangerous and offensive" and didn't want her to be on the set while he was being interviewed. In a statement, released on Monday (17Sep07), Manilow said, "I will not be on the same stage as her." But now the Mandy singer is beginning to regret the whole fuss - because it's all people want to talk about when he appears on other shows. Angry Manilow got so tired of one Fox TV interviewers' questions, he snapped, "Alright, stop! I'm sorry this thing had to happen. Let's just talk about the album, OK?"