Barry Manilow never gets sick of singing his hit songs.

The 'Mandy' hitmaker loves to perform his most famous tracks at his shows and he says that he could never grow tired of them as the audience make him feel like he's ''never heard'' the songs before.

He said: ''I've stopped performing album cuts and medleys of big bands and stuff. I know what the audience wants. They want the hits. And I am happy to give that to them. I'm one of those lucky guys who has a catalog of hits that can fill up 90 minutes. I don't know how that happened, but I'm very grateful. And I want to give them every song they know. So it's a very happy audience out there ...

''I could see the difference. When I would do something they didn't know, they would be very polite. And then when I would do 'Looks Like We Made It,' the roof would cave in. They were telling me what they wanted. And it's my pleasure, honestly. It's theirs. They gave these hits to me. So I'm happy to do it. I don't mind it. I really don't. You would think that I'd be sick of them by now. But I really am not because they make it brand new for me. It's as if they've never heard these songs before.''

And the 75-year-old singer thinks he was ''terrible'' live at first.

He added to USA Today: ''I was terrible. I was just terrible. But the audiences didn't think so ... They liked this guy up there. And they applauded. Sometimes they applauded very loud ... I did figure out, kind of, the rules of how you put together a show and what do you say in between songs. And I have a good sense of humour so I could do that. But I was still just very uncomfortable for many years.''