Veteran singer/songwriter Barry Manilow will retire from touring the world at the end of his next run of concerts.

The Mandy hitmaker announced the shock news live on British Tv on Thursday (04Dec14), insisting his One Last Time concerts will be the end of his touring days.

Manilow revealed that he will "probably" still make and promote music but is adamant that he cannot face packing any more suitcases and hitting the road, so his travelling performance days are behind him.

Speaking on U.K. Tv show This Morning, he says, "Yeah, that's enough touring for me. All these years. I'll probably still make records. I'll probably still come here and talk about them but I can't pack any more."

When host Phillip Schofield asked, "Is this for real?", Manilow replied, "As of today, yeah. As of now, this is it... But my last tour will last for 10 years!"

Manilow has previously hinted he was considering tour retirement by writing in a statement on his website, "We're having a great time putting the show together. We hope to take everyone on an emotional roller coaster. I can't wait to see everyone dancing in the aisles... (The show) is my way of thanking everyone for their years of support... one last time!"

The One Last Time tour begins in Nebraska in February (15) and concludes in New York in June.