LATEST: Veteran funnyman Barry Humphries' alter-ego Dame Edna Everage has issued a comedy statement on his behalf after he admitted punching a photographer on Tuesday (02MAY06). Humphries punched freelance paparazzo MALCOLM LADD when he became annoyed at being followed after leaving a cafe in Sydney, Australia. But, talking through his comic counterpart Dame Edna Everage, Humphries claims he only hit Ladd by accident. 'She' says, "Luckily I wasn't there, but I'm told he didn't deliberately hit the poor photographer but was pushing the camera away and his knuckles accidentally grazed the poor chap's cheeks. "I'm sending Barry off for counseling. He is a rageaholic and a tragic attention seeker." Humphries' publicist SUZIE HOWIE claims to have been shocked at news of the incident and insists violence is not in her client's character. Police in New South Wales confirm no charges have yet been made against the 72-year-old actor.