Comedian Barry Humphries has halted the erection of a statue depicting his comedy alter-ego Dame Edna Everage, insisting it's too racy. Humphries was set to unveil the $70,000 (GBP29,000) bronze statue at a charity function in Melbourne, Australia, but cancelled, demanding the statue be re-done showing less leg. The legendary funnyman was set to appear at the event last weekend (ends30APR06) to support the Variety children's charity. The statue was to be set in a Hollywood-style walk of fame in Melbourne, but after seeing photos of the larger-than-life statue, Humphries blocked the launch. Humphries has asked to meet with sculptor PETER CORLETT to discuss changes when he is in town in August (06). Corlett is less than impressed with Humphries behaviour saying, "I'm devastated. We're still hoping to save it. "We want to try to resolve this happily for everyone, particularly for Variety."