Barry Gibb is terrified of dying.

The 70-year-old Bee Gees singer has admitted that losing his three brothers - Maurice, Robin and Andy - and being scalded by boiling water as a child has left him feeling paranoid about his own well-being.

He shared: ''I avoid boiling water to this day. I avoid fire too. My sister caught fire once. That was terrifying so I am really aware of what those things can do.

''If I get near boiling water something happens and I have to back off. It isn't just age, anything can happen. So I don't do things like go on rollercoasters,

''I'm a safety-first type of person. I don't drive fast. I don't know why I am still here but I am very nervous about anything that could be fatal. That's all down to that accident.''

Barry also admitted he is close to retirement, revealing he is now forced to wear hearing aids full-time.

He told 'Piers Morgan's Life Stories': ''My hearing is not what it was. I wear a hearing aid all the time now.

''Most musicians my age suffer hearing problems due to technology, which is where you wear the in-ear monitors. Billy Joel wouldn't do it but everyone else I know does it.

''Over the years it causes a lot of damage because it's very close to your ear drums.''

And Barry has come to accept that, at his age, he will never top the band's glory days.

He said: ''I know that once I feel I'm going down and not up, then I'll take a seat, pick up the remote and give up the idea of being a pop ­artist. I don't think that applies to somebody once they get past the age I am now, so it's very close.

''I just want to be remembered as one of the Bee Gees. I can never be the brand name the Bee Gees were, I can never make that all happen again. It ends at some point.''