With individual broadcasters threatening to sue him in every market where he tries to introduce his Aereo service -- which delivers local broadcasts to smartphones, laptops and tablets via the Internet -- Barry Diller isn't quite sure whether the battle is worth all the legal expense. I do not know. I cannot answer that, he replied when asked during an interview on Bloomberg TV about his determination to hold out against the broadcast networks.. He suggested that much depends on how the public responds to Aereo. There are conditions where if a certain amount -- 10 million, 20 million U.S. households -- utilize the platform, that will be very profitable. However, early reports indicate that in New York, where the service is being rolled out first, only a few thousand subscribers have signed up. Asked about a recent threat by News Corp COO Chase Carey to drop its broadcast transmissions and switch to cable if Aereo wins in court, Diller said that Carey is just making noise.