Barbra Streisand's HIV positive son JASON GOULD refused to allow doctors to contact his famous parents when he recently fell ill with pneumonia - because he feared they'd worry too much. Sick Gould reportedly called a team of medics to his New York apartment when he first fell ill and insisted his latest health crisis be kept from Streisand and his actor dad Elliott Gould. A family insider tells US tabloid National Enquirer, "Barbra has probably worried herself sick ever since he was diagnosed as HIV positive in 2003. She would have been climbing the walls if she knew how sick Jason was the last time. "He was extremely ill. Because of the HIV, the chills and shakes that come with pneumonia were far more intense... It was touch and go for almost a week." The health scare was the latest in a series of medical problems for Gould, who also suffers chronic intestinal problems.