Barbra Streisand's father has apologised to the singer for dying when she was young - from beyond the grave. The YENTL star recently visited a medium after her brother told her the psychic was terrific and, although she went in to the meeting very skeptical, she came away convinced she had contacted her dead dad thanks to the medium and a ouija board. She tells US publication the Globe, "We met with the woman, and, let me tell you, the table moved. "You start writing letters, 'A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and the table leg lifts when you get the right one. It spelled, 'M-A-N.' So we asked, 'Is it MANNY?' "Then it spelled 'B-A-R,' you know, a message for Barbra. And the message was the simplest word - 'Sorry'."