Singing superstar Barbra Streisand used to con hapless New Yorkers into chatting to her on the phone by pretending to be a saleswoman and offering them cash prizes.

When she was a child, the diva and her cousin would call random New Yorkers and quiz them on current affairs.

She says, "We decided to call people up from the phone book and I would say, 'If you can answer this question, we will send you $1,000,' or whatever.

"So we would ask them questions and then I'd say, 'I have to interrupt you now and do a commercial,' and the commercial was FAB.

"I remember speaking to this woman. I said, 'Do you use Fab?' She said, 'I use Fab and the suds go all over my floor and it's just wonderful.' So we used to send them fake money in an envelope."

22/03/2004 21:24