Barbra Streisand knew she'd fallen in love with her new dog SAMANTHA when the pooch threw up on her priceless Aubusson rug - and she didn't care.

The diva adopted the dog after her beloved pet SAMMY died during the recording of her new movie standards album.

She tells Billboard magazine, "I have a very fine Aubusson rug in my bedroom... and I noticed last night that she wasn't feeling too well, and she threw up on my very fine Aubusson carpet. And you know what, when you love something that much... it's like, 'Who cares about the carpet?'

"That's an amazing sign of love, are you kidding me? She threw up on this, and I said, 'Who cares?'"

Streisand is so attached to Samantha, she even takes to pooch to top restaurants with her.

She adds, "I hide her under the table. And this one restaurant, they brought her a bowl of water, and I fed her a little bread."

02/10/2003 21:29