Barbra Streisand agreed to appear on highbrow American chat show INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO, if producers arranged it so she could drive to New York for the taping in Whoopi Goldberg's bus.

The 61-year-old actress is famously afraid of flying and refused to appear on the show - which is taped in front of students at New York's NEW SCHOOL UNIVERSITY - for 10 years because it meant flying from Los Angeles to the Big Apple.

Host and New School University's DEAN JAMES LIPTON says, "She came across the country in Whoopi Goldberg's bus and appeared on our show."

Ironically, Streisand applied for membership of the Actors Studio when she was 15 but failed to impress officials there.

The show took five-and-a-half hours to film and will be edited down for a two-hour special, which will appear on Sunday night (21MAR04) TV in America.

And, during the taping, sweet-toothed Streisand got hungry.

Lipton reveals, "She said, 'Don't you ever get hungry? I'm hungry. What have you got? You got any cookies? You got any OREOs? I like Oreos.' We served her Oreos and KIT-KATs."

19/03/2004 19:29