Barbra Streisand has been ordered to pay $177,000 (GBP100,000) in legal fees after losing a $10 million (GBP5.5 million) lawsuit against a conservationist who took aerial photographs of her California home.

Streisand sued KENNETH ADELMAN, claiming his aerial snaps of Malibu showed details of her estate there - putting her at risk of stalkers.

Adelman maintained the pictures, which he posted on the internet, were part of scientific research on coastline conservation.

Superior Court Jude ALLAN J GOODMAN dismissed the case in December (03) and ordered Streisand to pay Adelman' legal fees - but the two parties couldn't agree on the amount.

Yesterday (27MAY04) the judge ordered the singer to pay an additional $15,000 (GBP8,300) to cover costs Adelman incurred having to return to court for negotiations.

Speaking yesterday, Adelman said of his California Coastal Records Project, " "The website is not about Streisand. It's about the California coast, and she happens to have a very, very small part of it."

28/05/2004 20:09