Singer Barbra Streisand has commended Americans for voting President-elect Barack Obama into office on Tuesday (04Nov08) - because his victory has "regained the respect of the world" for the U.S.
The 66-year-old political activist has long been an active supporter of the Democratic Party, raising awareness for global warming, gun control, and speaking out against the country's 2003 invasion of Iraq.
And she insists the new U.S. President's election has already united the world.
She says, "I am so proud of our country... miraculously overnight we have regained the respect of the world. From England to Africa, people are celebrating Barack Obama's victory... proof that he is the first truly global President.
"President-elect Barack Obama rejected the idea of an America comprised of blue states versus red states... and (Tuesday) night he proved to each and every one of us that we are truly the United States of America."
Obama will be inaugurated into office on 20 January (09).