Barbra Streisand is planning one more major movie venture after she completes work on her home in California. The actress/director's husband James Brolin reveals Streisand is planning a big screen comeback once she has the time to devote to such a project. He tells WENN, "She is currently producing and directing a house and you can't get her attention until eight o'clock at night. "As soon as she's finished with that I think she's got one more great picture in her. I'm not sure what that's about but I know it will be a poignant subject." And Brolin admits his wife of eight years is still a little upset she never got the chance to make a great AIDS love story she was planning. He explains, "She wanted to do an AIDS love story at one time and the time was really right, but then the Tom Hanks picture (Philadelphia) came out and it didn't happen. "It's too bad that her film wasn't done on a low budget."