Barbra Streisand has cleared up recent comments she made suggesting she'd snub an offer to appear in Glee, insisting she's simply too busy for a guest role on the show.
The Funny Girl legend was honoured at the pre-Grammys MusicCares event on Friday (11Feb11), and she was asked if she'd ever consider a part on the hit U.S. musical show.
She curtly answered, "Not if I can help it."
However, the star insists she was not dismissing the show's success - instead revealing her hectic schedule wouldn't allow her to fit in an appearance.
She tells, "When asked if I would ever appear on Glee, I should have said, 'You never know.' It was wrong to say, 'Not if I can help it.'
"What I meant was that I've been overwhelmed preparing for my performance on MusiCares, the Grammys, recording a new album, and starting a new movie. So I couldn't take on any more work, and besides that, I wasn't asked."