Barbra Streisand has hit out at critics of her husband James Brolin's portrayal of Ronald Reagan in a TV biopic of the former American President.

Supporters of the former Republican president have slammed the show ahead of its airing, and encouraged TV viewers and advertisers to boycott it. It has even been suggested Democrat Streisand had a hand in the production and helped create an anti-Reagan slant.

But Streisand has hit back, insisting she has yet to see the show or its script - and accused critics of spreading negative propaganda.

On her official website, she writes, "What is going on? Is that the Republicans, who deify President Reagan, cannot stand that some of the more unpleasant truths about his character and presidency might be depicted in the movie, along with his positive actions.

"This is what the Right Wing does when they are faced with a truth that is not 100 per cent positive for their side - they spread vicious lies and attacks and scream and yell until they get their way."

03/11/2003 17:18