Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb feel so passionate about the "senseless" war in Iraq, they have written a song inspired by the conflict for their second duets album.

The American singer and former BEE GEE reunited 25 years after recording GUILTY, to make GUILTY TOO (GUILTY PLEASURES), which hit number three in the British album charts on Sunday (25SEP05).

Streisand, a staunch Democrat, felt compelled to write STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND after watching the news reports about the US-led war in Iraq.

She says, "I loved the first stanza, because to me this war is kind of senseless, and I don't know why we're there.

"Just the sadness of, we're there, but don't want to have those people in harm's way, and yet we do have to support (the troops). It's kind of painful, and I had always imagined just seeing footage of the troops, it's like history repeating itself - here we are again. That was the meaning to me."