Barbra Streisand enjoyed affairs with her movie co-stars Robert Redford, RYAN O'NEAL and Kris Kristofferson at the height of her fame, according to the singer/actress' ex-boyfriend, Hollywood producer Jon Peters.
Peters, who produced Superman Returns and Batman, claims in his upcoming memoir Studio Head that Streisand confided in him that she had "life-imitates-art affairs" with the actors.
Her fling with O'Neal came after they met on the set of 1972 movie What's Up Doc?, shortly after her split from husband Elliot Gould, Peters alleges.
And he claims she seduced Redford while he was married to Lola Van Wagenen on the set of 1973's The Way We Were. A romance with Kristofferson followed in 1976, according to the book.
Peters writes: "Barbra may have had her neuroses and insecurities, but getting men, the men every woman wanted, was not one of them."
Reps for Streisand, O'Neal and Redford had not responded to requests for comment as WENN went to press, while Kristofferson's spokesperson had no comment.
Peters' memoir was bought by Harper-Collins Publishers in April (09) for $700,000 (£462,350), reports the New York Post.