Barbra Streisand's husband, actor James Brolin, has his sights set on becoming an organic fast food king. The entrepreneurial Amityville Horror star, who runs a lumber company and a building business, is the brains behind a new venture to sell healthy burgers. He explains, "I had an idea for healthful organic food and burgers for your children that looks like fast food, but everything would come from organic cattle, free run. "I have a design for that and a promotional thing that, if I just went ahead and did it, I'd have a thousand or two thousand franchises right now. "You go to MCDonalds and you get stuff put together, but it's not a hamburger. It's just shaped like one. "(U.S. supermarket) Whole Foods now is taking over the world and they're all organic beef, all organic vegetables. It's becoming the thing for people who want to live an extra five years. You pay 25 per cent more and live an extra five years - seems like a pretty good trade."