Superstar diva Barbra Streisand has had plastic surgery - after years of insisting she'd never go under the knife.

The 61-year-old singer and actress was so intent on keeping her surgery secret, she wore a black scarf over her face covered by a hat - but American tabloid the NATIONAL ENQUIRER snapped her as she was leaving the clinic.

A source says, "Barbra said she was going to be off the scope for a few weeks to relax because she was so stressed out. She wanted everyone to notice her new look, but she wanted it to look natural like she had gone to a spa for a long rest. She got exfoliated, went on a liquid diet and started to do yoga."

Barbra brought her spiritual adviser to the Beverly Hills, California, office with her on 30 July (03) to calm her nerves.

The source explains, "Barbra was very jittery. Her female spiritual healer did everything she could to keep her calm. Barbra and the healer said positive prayers and chanted to stay focused.

"They meditated and listened to soothing music. By the time she went under the knife, Barbra was calm."

A representative for Streisand confirms that the star had "a small procedure tightening the jawline".

22/08/2003 08:50