Barbra Streisand has picked up a bizarre nickname from actress Teri Polo while filming the sequel to MEET THE PARENTS - BOOB.

Streisand stars as Ben Stiller's mother and Dustin Hoffman's wife in MEET THE FOCKERS, which also stars Polo, Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner.

But rather than behave in a star-struck manner around her legendary co-stars, Polo has opted instead to have fun with them.

She says, "It's crazy. Dustin Hoffman is a five-year-old kid trapped in a grown man's body. And Barbra Streisand has an amazing sense of humour.

"The director (Jay Roach) thought that I called her a boob, and Barbra laughed. So from then on, I decided that my nickname for her was going to be Boob. She answers to it too - just ask her."

21/05/2004 12:40