Barbara Walters has come to the defense of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in the controversy over Palin's campaign wardrobe. Following reports that she spent $150,000 in campaign funds for her outfits at political appearances and tosands more for makeup -- all disclosed in GOP election filings -- Walters took to the air on her ABC afternoon show The View to say that Palin should not be blamed for the expense. ""I don't think this is Sarah Palin's fault," Walters said on The View Monday, "I think it's the Republicans' fault." She later explained, "The Republican Party took this money and bought her these clothes to wear." Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported Monday that late-night comics have been merciless in their McCain-Palin jibes since September 1. Citing figures by the Center for Media and Public Affairs, AP reported that the Republican presidential ticket had been the target of 475 jokes by Jay Leno and David Letterman compared with 69 directed at the Obama-Biden ticket.