In what is fast becoming the most talked about firing of a broadcast personality since radio talk-show host Arthur Godfrey fired popular singer Julius LaRosa in 1953, Barbara Walters has barred Star Jones from ever appearing on The View again. "Star, regrettably, will no longer be on this show, except for some shows that have been prerecorded," Walters said on the air Wednesday, the day after Jones disclosed on the air that she would be departing, surprising fellow panelists and Walters, who apparently had planned a more graceful departure for Jones. "She made further announcements that have surprised us. So it is becoming uncomfortable for us to pretend that everything is the same at this table," Walters said Wednesday. Earlier, she had told reporters that she felt "betrayed" by Jones's announcement. In an interview with today's (Thursday) New York Daily News, Jones responded that "for Barbara to say she felt betrayed is the height of hypocrisy." She said that she had learned on April 21 that she was being dropped from the program. "Barbara did not call me herself ... They told me my contract would not be renewed because my approval rating had gone down. ... I was like, 'Whoa!'" Jones said that she felt further humiliated when Walters announced that she had hired Rosie O'Donnell as co-host. "Rosie had attacked me on every single evening entertainment program. ... Barbara used that week to call her and invite her to be part of a show that I helped launch nine years ago."