LATEST: STAR JONES REYNOLDS was ordered not to return to work today (28JUN06), after making a surprise announcement live on air on Tuesday (27JUN06) that she was leaving The View. After making her shock announcement on the US TV show, Jones Reynolds told American publication People that her contract was not renewed and that she was essentially fired. The show's creator Barbara Walters claims she felt "betrayed" by the comments to the magazine and Jones Reynolds was told not to return to work after initially announcing she would be staying until mid-July (06). Walters spoke about the controversy on today's show saying, "We didn't expect her to make this statement yesterday. She gave us no warning." She then went on to explain that Reynolds had known "for months" that she would not be returning in September (06) and that the network had given her time to exit the show with "dignity". She explains, "I said to her, 'Handle this any way you want. You can say anything about a new job, you can say anything about a new road. Whatever you say, we'll back you up. "We will never say that your contract was not renewed." Walters added, "It is becoming uncomfortable for us to pretend that everything is the same at this table. And therefore, regrettably, Star will no longer be on this program."