Hollywood star ANGELINA JOLIE stormed out of a American TV interview after being asked about comments she made about a previous lesbian relationship.

The TOMB RAIDER star told American talk show host Barbara Walters earlier this month (JUL03) how she had a relationship with another woman when she was younger, and that she could "fall in love with a woman tomorrow".

However, when Jolie was quizzed about this on American news show Fox 11 this week (begs14JUL03), Jolie stuttered, "Fine, Ok," before getting up and walking out of the studio.

The actress, who is promoting Tomb Raider sequel THE CRADLE OF LIFE, had reportedly requested before the interview that no such questions be put to her, but journalist DOROTHY LUCY denied knowledge of any such stipulations.

She said, "I told her how beautiful she looked and she seemed happy to answer questions about her kid, but perhaps she wanted to just talk about her new film."

16/07/2003 17:32