Barbara Walters, who is semi-retired from primetime television, where she once competed fiercely for major celebrity and newsmaker interviews -- "the big get," as it's known in the broadcast news business -- said Tuesday that she now deplores the competition. Appearing at a breakfast sponsored by Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Communications, Walters, who was interviewed by the New Yorker 's Ken Auletta, said, "I hate the whole idea of the big get, and I think the get has gotten worse. There are fewer big gets because there are so many programs. You do the morning show, and then you do either Regis or The View, and then you do Access Hollywood, CNN, Extra. It's endless." Besides, she said, "Even murderers have agents and lawyers." Asked about the future of television news, Walters replied, "I think the only programs that will still be there as they are now in 10 years are the morning shows. Everything else you can TiVo and watch later or read about on the Internet." On being parodied as Baba Wawa on Saturday Night Live , Walters remarked, "I have learned to pronounce my 'r's much better since Gilda Radner."