Novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford has won an injunction to pull an Indian TV series she claims plagiarises one of her stories from the air.

Officials at the Calcutta High Court demanded SAHARA MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT pull 260-episode (corr) drama KARISHMA off the air yesterday (07JUL03) until they decide whether or not the show copies Bradford's work.

Karishma debuted in May (03) but was taken off air after the first episode when the author won a stay order from India's Supreme Court. The show was given a reprieve last month (JUN03), but Bradford's attorneys appealed the decision.

Officials now plan to watch episodes of the series and read Taylor's A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, which the writer claims has been plagiarised.

Sahara Media bosses are keen to get the show back on air as they were hoping it was going to be a ratings winner with BOLLYWOOD superstars, like KARISHMA KAPOOR, involved.

08/07/2003 20:57