James Bond producers have no intention of making a 007 film in 3-D.

The fast-paced action movies wouldn't look ''right'' with the new technology according to producers, despite 3-D becoming more commonplace since the last instalment of the spy franchise, 'Quantum of Solace', was released in 2008.

'Skyfall' producer Barbara Broccoli said: ''3-D is fantastic for the right material, but we're not sure Bond is the right way to go. With our movies, there's a lot of challenges to 3-D, particularly when you've got a lot of action and a lot of quick cutting.

''It has to be right for our story. Unless you can do something as well as ['Avatar'], it's probably not worth looking at.''

Daniel Craig has signed up to play the British secret agent in two more Bond films and neither is being planned in 3-D, however, Barbara admitted it could be possibility in the distant future if technology changes.

She added: ''Who knows? We'll see if things change in the future.''

Director Sam Mendes recently said upcoming movie 'Skyfall' is the Bond story fans have been waiting to see and is confident it will be a hit.

He revealed: ''I don't think I realised how crystallised my opinions were until I sat down and said, 'This is the Bond movie I want to make.' ... But it's also the Bond I think an audience wants to see, and also that Ian Fleming might have enjoyed.''