President Barack Obama will perform a short introductory message at the beginning of an anti-bullying documentary to be shown by the channel Cartoon Network. Describing bullying , Obama says "It's wrong, it's disruptive and we can all prevent it." He hosted the first White House conference on bullying last year, according to Reuters. Continuing, the President adds that he was also speaking as a father, stating. "We've all got more work to do. Everyone has to take action against bullying."
According to statistics, bullying in the US is on the rise, with a report stating that more than a quarter of students aged 12 to 18 years old have admitted in a survey that they'd been bullied - often with others around. The documentary airs this coming Sunday and focuses on the several cases of bullying, interviewing those who have been victimised in the past.
Speaking about the program, Cartoon Network president and chief operating officer Stuart Snyder said that it was aimed at those aged between eight and 13 years old. Snyder was at a special screening of the film at a middle school in Washington DC earlier in the week and spoke before the viewing, saying "Speaking up is the best way to bring an end to bullying." A longer documentary called 'Bully' is also set to be released later in the year, featuring stars including tennis player Venus Williams and former NBA star Chris Webber.