President Barack Obama is set to make a cameo appearance on tonight's (8th December 2010) episode of 'Mythbusters', reports the Los Angeles Times. Hosts JAMIE HYNEMAN and ADAM SAVAGE visit the president at the White House where he congratulates the pair for making a show based on entertainment, celebration of science, and experimentation.
On tonight's show, the President says he doesn't think the team tried hard enough to prove or disprove the legend of the ancient Greek scientist 'Archimedes' who instructed troops to set fire to an invading Roman fleet using only mirrors to reflect rays from the sun. Hyneman and Savage have attempted to recreate the process twice before without success but Mr Obama is insistent that they try harder, saying, "That is a classic, and I'm hoping that we can take one more crack at it". During a recent interview on '60 Minutes', President Obama spoke about how making appearances on cable shows were required in order to reach out to people who no longer watched more traditional outlets.
However, critics are suggesting that his latest television appearance is akin to when George W Bush appeared on the NBC game show 'Deal or No Deal', or when Bill Clinton appeared on MTV. 'Mythbusters' is set to air on 'Discovery' tonight.