Word that Sen. Barack Obama had chosen Sen. Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate leaked out in the wee hours of Saturday morning on the East Coast -- hardly the time to garner much news coverage. On the West Coast, word of the choice did merit an interruption of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics on NBC. It also interrupted the conclusion of an ABC 20/20 special about infant mortality for more than three minutes as correspondents George Stephanopoulos (sounding as if he had just been roused out of a sound sleep) and Jake Tapper commented on the decision via a telephone hook-up. On the Internet, numerous tech-oriented sites observed that Biden has strongly supported media companies in their battle to prevent copying of copyrighted material -- even for an individual's own use -- and that he has proposed that the government monitor peer-to-peer websites for illegal downloading. The British tech site The Inquirer said in its lede "Barack Obama has chosen one of the most rabid pro-music and film industry senators in the business to be his running mate in the forthcoming presidential elections." Wired magazine commented on its website "Biden doesn't seem to have strayed from the rest of the judiciary committee Democrats' stance of being more of a friend to Hollywood than to Silicon Valley."