President Barack Obama famously called Kanye West a "jackass" back in 2009 when the rapper snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift when she was making her acceptance speech at that year's VMA awards. So what does the president think of Kanye three years on, now that the controversy has passed? Well, he still thinks he's a jackass, apparently. A talented jackass, but a jackass nonetheless.

The Atlantic Wire's David Samuels has been trailing Kanye's compadre Jay Z and as part of his insight into the rapper, asked the US president the simple question: "Kanye or Jay-Z?" Obama's answer was a simple one: "Jay-Z." He went on to say "Although I like Kanye. He's a Chicago guy. Smart. He's very talented." When Samuels says to him "even though you called him a jackass," the President replied "He is a jackass. But he's talented." JAY-Z and Kanye recently collaborated with each other on their Watch the Throne album but Jay Z has always had the edge when it comes to popularity and reputation, whereas Kanye's is often marred by his unpredictable behavior.

Kanye's behavior at the 2009 VMA awards wasn't the first time that the rapper had been caught acting badly. At 2004's American Music Awards, he stormed out when he failed to win the Best New Artist award. And then, when he lost the Best Video award to Justice vs. Simian at the MTV awards, he lost his temper once more, telling journalists it was "bullsh*t."