US presidential hopeful Barack Obama can add Bruce Springsteen to his list of celebrity supporters, it has emerged.

The New Jersey rocker has endorsed the Illinois senator's bid for the White House, saying Mr Obama is "head and shoulders above the rest".

Springsteen, nicknamed The Boss, said Mr Obama is the best candidate for the most powerful job in the world as he possesses "the depth, the reflectiveness, and the resilience to be our next President".

"He speaks to the America I've envisioned in my music for the past 35 years," the Born to Run star wrote on his website.

Springsteen, whose hit Born in the USA was used by Republican Ronald Reagan as he ran for election in 1984, criticised Mr Obama's opponents for placing too great a focus on his "comments and relationships", saying it detracted from more important issues, such as the Democratic senator's stance on war, the economy and social justice.

He continued: "After the terrible damage done over the past eight years, a great American reclamation project needs to be undertaken.

"I believe that Senator Obama is the best candidate to lead that project and to lead us into the 21st Century with a renewed sense of moral purpose and of ourselves as Americans."

Springsteen and his collaborators, the E Street Band, took part in the 2004 Vote for Change tour in opposition to the re-election of president George Bush, as well as producing a song entitled Devils and Dust about the war in Iraq.

17/04/2008 11:40:46